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Daikirai Demo Honto wa ne
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Title(s): Daikirai Demo Honto wa ne
Daikirai!! Demo Honto wa ne...
Daikirai!! Demo Honto wa ne
Daikirai!! Demo Honto wa ne
I Hate You!! But it's not true...
I Hate You!! But the truth is..
Author(s): Hyuuga Seiryou
Artist(s): HYUUGA Seiryou
Genres: Yaoi
Start Date: 2008
Status: Ongoing
I hate you. But it's not true...
Kohashi Juri, a guy with a beautiful face, always gets irritated if someone calls out his girly name. But he is infuriated when Kouta, who is famous with the girls, started calling his name "Juri Juri" passionately everyday. Juri once thought "He's the opposite type of mine" but when Kouta said to him "Let's touch each other, this thing'll be our secret", he did something he shouldn't have done with Kouta...!?

Can I hold you in my arms
Take's three year older childhood friend returns to the neighbourhood after 5 years. Why is Take's heart thumping so loudly when he sees him...?

You have slowly fulfilled my heart

I'll look after you

Right now the love is in progress

How to raise an obedient call partner

The love is remembered

The love is remembered - extra
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