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Title(s): History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi
التلميذ الافضل في التاريخ كينشي (arabic)
Ang Pinakamalakas na Disipulo sa Kasaysayan si Kenichi (Filipino)
Histories Strongest Disciple Kenichi
HSD Kenichi
Kenichi le disciple ultime (French)
Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple
Shijo Saikyo no Deshi Kenichi
Strongest Disciple Kenichi
Author(s): Matsuena Syun
Artist(s): MATSUENA Syun
Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Harem, Martial arts, Shounen
Start Date: 2002
Status: Ongoing
Shirahama Kenichi is a book lover who has just entered high school, but he is often bullied by others. One day, he became good friends with the new transfer student, Fuurinji Miu, who was also looking for a friend. Kenichi was shocked at how powerful she is at first, but he is still somehow attracted to her...
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Historys Strongest Manga??
Written by Hamypig on February 14, 2012 at 5:50 PM
Overall Rating
Story: 5
Dialogue: 5
Animation: 4
Entertainment: 5
Well not quite, but over the last few months of reading this and catching up to the latest chapter after being completely oblivious to it ever existing, i have definatly been sucked in!

This manga starts off quite... strange, but which one doesn't? the character devolpment is beautiful, and especially some of the attention to detail throughout even though it may not seem like it! Although at first after the opening chapters i was originally awaiting something which was much more realistic, i realised it was impossible as it was a manga... but although some of it is extremely over the top and extreme it is Kenichis fights which pull me in the most, possibly because of the realism.

There are parts here and there where there are definatly faults, but hey ho it's only a comic. And although the female figures do seem pretty over-erotic (most of the time) sometimes, the storyline and fightscenes make up for it. The fight scenes can also be quite hard to understand or decipher because there's so much going on.
Manga-Access has made the fault of putting the 'completed' label on this manga, which was actually one of the reasons i started to read it, but they did it with Initial D too so i just suspected they did it with all mangas that were old and were not super-popular.

Although i have no idea why this manga is not up there with some of the upmost classics, especially for something that is still on-going and has yet to proceed with the continuous Dragonball classic of repetitivly creating stronger villians, it is something that is slow paced in terms of growth (10 years on and the protagonist is just leaving the 'Disciple' stage and isn't a Master yet, let alone fighting Earths strongest, then the galaxy, then the universe blah blah blah) and has thoroughly enjoyable fight scenes (no chapters full of talking and then only dancing around for another 5 before using his ultimate move he could've used from the start at the end).

Just leaving with a note that whilst reading this manga, it really reminded me of Yu Yu Hakusho but not in the sense of a copy, but having that awesome feeling of a real classic. Although the character designs are not far off, you can't blame them since most character designs in mangas do not differ too much from each other anymore.
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