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Love Ho Na Kankei
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Title(s): Love Ho Na Kankei
ラブホな関係 ~Limited Lovers~
A Love Hotel Relationship
Love at a Fingertip
Love Ho na Kankei : Hug Me Tight
Love Hotel Affairs
Loving by Fingertip
Rabu Ho Na Kankei
Rabu Hoteru Na Kankei
Author(s): TANUMA Youichiroh
Artist(s): TANUMA Youichiroh
Genres: Adult, Hentai
Start Date: 2001
Status: Ongoing
From Shoujo Manga Maniac:
Nadeshiko's parents have already decided for her that she will marry Yamato. Her parents even make them live in a room together to develop their feelings!

Includes two one-shots:

Hug Me Tight: Nari has insomnia. When she finally falls asleep in the infirmary, she finds out it's because she was hugging Oshino. Will she accept later Oshino's offer of being her pillow?

Loving by Fingertip: Wakana and Touro are good friends. Although Wakana likes Touro, she doesn't want to destroy their friendship.
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