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Title(s): Tenjou Tenge
Небо и земля
Enfer et Paradis (French)
Heaven and Earth
Tenjho Tenge
Tenjo Tenge
Thiên Thượng Thiên Hạ
Author(s): Oh! Great
Artist(s): Oh! Great
Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Martial arts, Romance, School life, Seinen, Supernatural
Start Date: 1997
Status: Completed
In one unusual Tokyo high school, education takes a backseat to brawling as warring clubs wreak havoc in the hallways and chaos in the classrooms, all vying to be the baddest team around! Although they often contribute their fair share, only a handful of students serve to stem the tide of violence in this untamed outpost. These are the few, the proud, the powerful: the members of the Juken Club!
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A Must Read
Written by Glasswolf on August 23, 2011 at 12:55 AM
Overall Rating
Story: 5
Dialogue: 5
Animation: 5
Entertainment: 5
Tenjou Tenge is about a student named Nagi Souichirou who travels from school to school with his friend Bob Makihara to fight the strongest students around for the thrill of the fight.

One day, Nagi Souichirou faces off with Maya Natsume, who is the captain of the Jyuuken Group, and sends Nagi Souichirou flying out of a second story window, and breaks through the roof of another building. When he finally comes to, he realises that he landed ontop of a naked women, who immediately kisses him and states that she is going to be his wife. This women is none other than the sisiter of Maya Natsume, Aya Natsume.

While Nagi Souichirou finds Aya Natsume to be very annoying, as she constantly chases him around school trying to be his wife, he soon finds another member of the Jyuuken Group, Masataka Takayanagi, who actually has a crush on Aya Natsume, and starts a brawl with him and beats him to a pulp with his overwhelming "spirit" force because of his hatred and jealousy.

It doesn't take long for Nagi Souichirou and Bob Makihara to discover that they are in over their heads, and that there is more to fighting that just strength and will power alone. In result, they join the Jyuuken Group to train and harness their "spirit" and become even stronger.

Tenjou Tenge is a very fast and adrenaline packed series with non-stop fighting action and a little hint of comedy and romance. Every Chapter will leave you wanting to read more as it has a very in-depth story line and fighting scenes which should easily make this on of your top favorites.
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