Reviews by Thessy
Kiss x Miss
very nice but it needs continuation ,,, too bad it ended early :(
good one ,,
Bishounen No Oheya
unexpectedly interesting,,,,
Akatsuki no Yona
this is the manga for u ,, n adventure plus action ,,, love it ,,, but didn't end...
Mugen Spiral
"I really don't know if its gonna end as it is ,,, though they ve written completed,,...
Tsuki  no Shippo
very entertaining but was so long and started to be boring and didn't even end ,,,,...
Hadashi de Bara wo Fume
this is one suspense drama, with romance under the bridge,, but am disappointed it...
Do You Want To Try?
its very entertaining and I didn't expect it to be this emotional. very good read
100% Perfect Girl
one of the best romance I have ever read,, its the second one I have really loved...
Crazy Girl Shin Bia
awesome animation and comedy ,, loved it
Love Like Crazy
was awesome until the last minute ,, it became a disappointment in the end cos it...
Cutie Boy
this animation made me laugh the most ,, was awesome :)
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This is the type of manga that just draws you in so much that you cannot stop reading. It's the kind of story that stays...
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100% Perfect Girl
the story was excellent! it is a must read! it is my all time favorite Manhwa! the story could take me to a journey where...
Mob Psycho 100
this manga is great. just remember substance over form
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