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Tower of God
The originality found within this manhwa is profound. The characters are beginning...
GE - Good Ending
I like this manga, because it is based on human drama. Not necessarily real human...
I love this manga in its own way. Very straightforward artwork that needs no censorship....
Kodomo no Jikan
I'm not sure how this premise came to be, but needless to say it is quite original....
Fairy Tail
At first I was skeptical to read this manga, as it appeared it was some kind of replicated...
From the original one shot all the way to the current issues, this manga has maintained...
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Mob Psycho 100
this manga is great. just remember substance over form
Rosario + Vampire
read if you got time
i love the action and drawings
It's absolutely fantastic! Can't wait to see next episode! One of the best (if not the best) manga i had ever read. ...
This is a really good manga I enjoy reading it
Nozoki Ana
i kinda weird
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