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Taboo Tattoo
So cruel.
Yumekui Merry
Me and Bayford as one? *Blush*
17 Guyz
You are hurting yourself.. I understand Bay-kun.
Animal X Genshi Sairai
I worry about you..
+ Anima
... Blush.
20th Century Boys
Hopeless little Bay-kun. -_-"
I-It's not like I care about you or anything...
17 Sakurai Machiko
Please go get help. Your lover, Gayford.
 A Princess and a Bum
Who am I? I’m Gi-ryum, a tall, handsome bachelor, and the coolest guy in the country...
Dark Seed
Mind Game
What a thrilling read short but leaves you on the edge of your seat, till the end.
Oh hai bayford-kun! <3
Boy Alice in Wonderland
A Japanese student named Arisu gets on the wrong bus and winds up in some sort of...
Boys Kingdom
Himeno has transferred to a former boys' school, called Hallelujah, which has only...
In a postapocalyptic world of heavy metal fantasy, the only thing able to save humans...
As a punishment for punching a famous Calligrapher, young handsome Calligrapher Handa...
Is the angel correct; is he responsible for the destruction of the world, and what...
lol what a joke. I feel sorry for you.
D no Fuuin
Good luck with being a 13 year old homo bro! XD
Caramel Espresso
Man you sure showed me.. lol no
You aren't. lol cute U mad bro?
Candy Candy
To your mother for being a sack of shit.
Capture the Prince
Didn't know homos couldn't spell.
lol 13 year old boy with mixed feelings CUTE!!
Bra Girl
Probably because I don't have a dick
This is a story about a young girl who encounters a boy, after losing her memories....
Bambi and Her Pink Gun
The word is out on the streets: a reward of five million dollars to the opportunist...
Bamboo Blade B
Spin-Off of the Bamboo Blade series Ookido Yuu is an extremely tall girl who just...
Bakune Young
It started with a brutal beating at a pachinko parlor, and now Bakune Young-maniac,...
Bari Haken
BayFaggot reads yao lol XD!!!
Baki Gaiden Scarface
Another story in the Baki world, this series follows Kaoru Hanayama's story.
Baku Story
In this collection of paranormal short stories, Takeshi Uesugi finds out that he...
Bara no Tameni
Bayford is a faggot It's TRUE!!! He loves Yaoi!!
Bakusou! Love Attack
While Hoshigaoka High School is under remodeling, Wakana and her classmates have...
After School Wedding
Hana and her Husband, Ryuuki, are keeping a secret. You see, Ryuuki is living a double...
After 5 wa Kiss no Ame
Volume 1 ch 1-3 After Five is Rain of Kiss, What To Do With Love and The Validity...
After School Hold on Love
Cool guy Yagi and obedient Otani don't really seem to get along, at least on the...
Bakumatsu Ibunroku Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch
So kawaii!!
Bakumatsu Seisyun Hanafubuki
Follow the adventures of Okita and the rest of the Shinsengumi in this fun romp with...
Bakuon Rettou
Kazei Takeshi moved with his parents to a new house and new school. One of his new...
After I Get Drunk on You
A series of oneshots of boys falling in love. 1) Kimide Oboreta Ato wa (After...
Afuresouna Pool
Iriya Tetsuo was the nice, quiet kid that everybody knows. Until well-meant prodding...
so great
Aflame Inferno
Aflame Inferno is about a self absorbed high schooler, Kang Shichan, that gets caught...
Having gained independence from Revro, the Earth secretly trains an army of boys....
Adventure Boys
he only common feature running through these stories is a grown-up protagonist somehow...
The story of three individuals named Adolf: a Jewish boy living in Japan, a half-Japanese/half-...
Advent of Snow White of the Hell
The afterlife! Once someone goes in they can never make it out alive! Snow White...
Ace of Diamond
It is a manga of high school baseball. The main character, who is a pitcher from...
When Motomi Utsuki moves in his grandfather's apartment, he meets a girl named Acony...
Adam no Junjou
Kazuma is a shy high-schooler who happens to be gay, and in love with a popular and...
Adarushan no Hanayome
From Aerandria Scans: The small country of Castoria was conquered by the Adarshan...
Abarenbou Kareshi
1) Rough ♥ Boyfriend (First Part) 2) How? ♥ Boyfriend (Second Part) 2.5) It...
Absolute Witch
Skyla is a young witch in a world where witches no longer exist. On her way to meet...
Absorb Ability
Japan wields the power of a new form of influenza so lethal that only one person...
Abunai Shuugaku Ryoukou
Izumi starts high school on a low note. For some unknown reason, rumors refer to...
Accel World
No matter what age it is, the "Bullied Child" will never disappear. The overweight,...
No matter what age it is, the "Bullied Child" will never disappear. The overweight,...
Abandon The Old in Tokyo
Over four decades ago, Yoshihiro Tastsumi expanded the horizons of comics storytelling...
When a creature attacks the city, a man with strange powers reluctantly stands to...
From Tokyopop: After the abduction of his brother Kotaro by the Machine Empire,...
Cafe Occult
From Infinity Studios: Ever since we were children, we’ve heard stories about...
Cafe Latte Rhapsody
About two guys who have a very "scary" meeting at a bookstore. Serizawa is your usual...
A Love in 100 Days
After she died from an accident, Ria become angel No. 5623. She could not forget...
Cafe Kichijoji
"Irasshai!" Welcome to the most unruly cafe in Kichijouji and its charming staff...
A Love for Sweet Things
Her entire family likes them. her friends like them, all the girls she knows likes...
Sakura Ryouko, 16-years-old, is always thinking of Fuji Ryuunosuke, who sits next...
Ogata Aoi is in her 2nd year of middle school and is the president of the student...
B.B. Explosion
Airi is a talented young girl who dreams about making a big splash in show business...
A Lollipop or a Bullet
The plot follows two girls and their summer in a rural area, one of them claiming...
A Girls
Through the land over the sea, search all over the world you can find out one, a...
Sunao always thought she'd fall in love when she started junior high school. But...
Cactus and Radio
Listen to the world's various stories on Yoo Si Ae's radio show, Cactus and Radio.
Mahou Sensei Negima
But what a run its been I think now be a good time to reflect on all the good times...
+C: Sword And Cornett
I never imagined that it would be as good as they say.
B Grade
This series just started only 2 chapters but is a hilarious read worth checking out.
A Bird in a Dream
An epic Yaoi
B Gata H Kei
300 chapters of pure good story telling.
C-Blossom - Case 729
Can you solve this case?
A Channel
Get this story while it's hot ongoing funny classic.
C-Kei Otome Renmei
Though I am a sucker for romance this manga might be a diamond in the rough or destined...
A Delicious Relationship
Classic comedy hasn't aged too well but it's done well enough.
This story keeps you on the edge of your seat it makes you fear the next page like...
The art work is superb! the story surreal! You'd be a fool not to enjoy this story...
A Fairy Tale For You
Not much happens not much worth note..
A good read I must say though not all that entertaining makes up for it with good...
B-Men Kazoku
To be honest not enough source material to sway my opinion either way that's a dayum...
“Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been infatuated with the “other side”;...
B. Reaction
Onodera Kensaku, a self taught martial artist, undefeated street fighter gets his...
A Kiss to my Prince
Everyone always says to set high goals for oneself. Sei-Ann, an orphaned young lady...
Cafe Detective Club
Tsubamegaoka Private Academy - All Girls' High School, located just inside the city...
A Love Song for the Miserable
Must be a real shut in. Anyways bye bye Sex you later ;)
17-sai Natsu -Seifuku no Jouji-
Yes you are!!
BTW guys for every time he makes a bad review make a good review. lulz.
7th Period is a Secret
How's the snow day bayford-kun?
Kiss x Sis
But this manga is a wincest waiting to happen!
Ko Akuma Cafe
You got the job of being the best manga ever!
I wish I was a knight. :/
Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki ja Nai n da kara ne
oniichan. that's my one weakness that word.
Kill me Baby
Just a sweet skit comedy caught my attention because of it's new anime series.
Ice Kiss
It reminds me a little bit of my highschool days. :P
In that case viewer discretion advised!! lol jk
I love those type of people.. Remind me of bayford-kun
It is a blast reading this manga you'll never get tired of it I mean it!
A Million Tear Drops
It's the saddest must heart warming/shattering story I've ever read.. I'm in tears...
3.3.7 Byooshi
or is it just this manga?
Ichigo no Kiss Kiss
I love this manga it was so helpful to me in my youth.
Boku x Kano
Get yourself ready for an amazing read!
Eden no Hana
and I love a good soap opera
Only a god knows how to walk. T-T
City Hunter
Nothing special by todays standards but still leaves an impression of greatness
27-ji ni Koi wo Sasayaite
Bayford.. Are you trying to tell me something? *blushes*
100% Perfect Girl
has to be one of the greatest romances of all time in this reviewers humble opinion....
Can't Lose You
Two trembling hearts drifting in a sad world. They meet each other touch for an instant...
100 Ways Of An Exsorcist
Kawaii overload!!! *EPIC NOSE BLEED!!!*
Saw a review for this when it first came out have to say it never interested me,...
if another series I had been reading had not just blatantly copied this one.. you...
Would you like that bayford-kun :)
False Love
Amazing dialogue definitely for sure! :D
Crazy Girl Shin Bia
Love hurts sometimes sigh.. :<
Ya! Oee
My god this manga is some funny ass shit!! lol lmao!!
Oniisama E
Thrilling to see this on the site. Definite read!!
K no Souretsu
Scary :<
I.. I'm sorry just no.. The chick looks like an alien with a wig. What is this I...
Real Clothes
Sigh.. I wonder when I'll find my love.. Bayford?
Orange Marmalade
At how terrific this manga is?
Zettai Karen Children
God It's been a while since I've decided to pick this back up again.. It's amazing...
At how good this manga is!!
I love a good romance but this is one of the greats the drama that precedes and how...
I am a sucker for it.
Adrenalin pumping through my veins at this read it keeps me jammed in focused on...
Hakoiri Devil Princess
Get it? but really it is pretty interesting starts off slow but is expected of such...
Interesting what you will find I'd even say a bit terrifying.
ID Manhwa
When I first picked this series up I never really cared for it that much, but the...
Not my cup of tea but grats to this series lasting this long my god! impressive
My sides won't stop hurting!! A definite read!!
I love it reminds me of more american comic books than anything, which isn't a bad...
Story character design fit so well together flowing like a dream probably hence the...
Code Geass Nightmare of Nunnally
Like I said I am going to review this and the original series today let me tell you...
Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion
So today I'll be reviewing both the original series and nightmare nunnally. Unfortunately...
Nuff said. Check it out.
Giant Killing
I love this manga! It scores #1 in my heart!
It is terrific.. I wish more people gave it its due credit :(
Franken Furan
Wasn't a fan of it at first but it has grown on me. ;)
All Around Type-Moon - Ahnenerbe no Nichijou
So funny my sides hurt tis a good sign.
Fuan no Tane Plus
Just saw this uploaded figured I'd check it out. Guys.. It's a thumbs up ;)
Never thought I'd be able to get into it.. but it's a good dame read.
Afro Samurai
Does this need explanation?
Elfen Lied
definitely one of the ones you should read before you die.
Full Metal Panic
Decided to look back on this terrific series! It has aged good
The Red Soul
To the point I love this manga!!
Sakura Tsuushin
Medaka Box
Gotta love reading this manga
Nozoki Ana
For mature eyes only okay kiddies ;)
Bloody Monday Season 2: Pandora Box
Story really picked up here
Change 123
Sooo good!
Hajime no Ippo
As I said before not a fan of sports manga but if I can like this one maybe you could...
Ah! My Goddess
I really am
I like this hack better then the rest
the best the best the best
Gunslinger Girl
You'd have to be a dumb not to enjoy it
Dragon Ball
This is the god of shounen manga imo
Violence Jack
Good read
Baby Blue
I think you'll enjoy this read
Be Heun
I would consider checking it out if you have spare time!
Special Martial Arts Extreme Hell Private High School
I think so maybe you will too
I love the story the characters it's just one of the greats imo
Cage of Eden
Love the story and characters amazing job
I think you'll enjoy this. :)
Soul Eater
This series is great you'd have to be a real DUMB not to enjoy it a little bit.
Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio
Story and characters great but leaves only a little bit to be desired in entertainment...
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
7 Seeds
This story envelopes you into a world of unknown. Character design is flawless story...
Blood Parade
Has room to improve but isn't there yet.
Magician (KIM Sarae)
Just breath taking art work. Story.. just wow!
Angel Sanctuary
Oh love.. sigh*
History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
Sorry had to do it! But I love this manga it is a real adventure story characters...
Green Boy
I generally don't like sports manga but this one is really engrossing it pulls you...
Air Gear
Comedy ecchi sports shounen what more could you want?
Clamp never ceases to amaze me, and its fan base a terrific read.
Milk Crown H
OMG Kawaii overload! must read!!
Detective Conan
There's no mystery to why this is a great manga!
Kimi no Iru Machi
I love this guys work! <3
My Lovely Ghost Kana
Love this series, it makes me laugh. :D
I like the part where they fight with swords. :)
Deadman Wonderland
I loved the anime but the Manga is soooo much better :) lol
The God of High School
Action, story and art direction are perfect.
The World God Only Knows
It is!
Silver Spoon
Worth a look. :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
If you are looking for a good ongoing shounen title outside the big 3 give this one...
If you want a classic old manga look no further with a slow start explodes into a...
Acid Town
Thanks bayford for the recommendation!;D Let me know if you want to live out any...
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that good show and I cant wait Naruto newest manga 701 a life of hokage and I am look forward on this it will coming on...
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
._. unfortunately the download menu is not working properly
Verdant Lord
I'm having the same Bad Gateway error and have been ever since they changed the download method. I've emailed them on multiple...
Shokugeki no Soma
AAMMAAAIZING. the food looks so good :9, the comedy, story was purrfect
Ace of Diamond
Shomare: Have you tried to download it from DomDomSoft Manga Downloader?
Love So Life
I can't download manga =( it's says bad getway
Ace of Diamond
why i cannot download manga???? it say cannot download this file. details: http/1.0 502 bad gatway
Youkai Shoujo - Monsuga
Its a super ecchi manga that IS NOT HIGHSCHOOL BASED!!!!!!!! I think that's enough said
I just can`t stop reading this...
Fairy Tail Zero
I really love reading Fairy Tail Zero. It's is great to see how it all began. I am so excited about this!
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