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Lovey Dovey
At first i was skeptical like hey, this is totally lame, but then i was astonished...
Koakuma to MeromeroTengoku
My only words for this is wtft!? I read it at first because it had a good story summary,...
As The God of Death Dictates
it's a mix of sweetness, tragedy and sadness. it had a great plot with twists and...
Rosario + Vampire Season II
i want more! dont leave me hanging! i love this series and would like a third one...
Beast Master
i loved the irony of the plot. i also like that they are like two planets being pulled...
Kamichama Karin Chu
that cliff hanging ending got me all wired! WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!!!! i want to know!!!!!!!!!...
Sailor Moon
i believe that sailor moon represents the inner superhero in all of us. also, i believe...
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100% Perfect Girl
the story was excellent! it is a must read! it is my all time favorite Manhwa! the story could take me to a journey where...
Mob Psycho 100
this manga is great. just remember substance over form
Rosario + Vampire
read if you got time
i love the action and drawings
It's absolutely fantastic! Can't wait to see next episode! One of the best (if not the best) manga i had ever read. ...
This is a really good manga I enjoy reading it
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