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Assassination Classroom
Really funny manga with its interesting new ideas of the story. Quite fun to read....
first time I come across this manga is someone forgot it in some room, since then,...
The Breaker
Several chapter missing does not mean decreasing in the extremely fun.(you can google...
From my experience of reading quite a lot of manga. NOT MANY of them good enough...
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i love the action and drawings
It's absolutely fantastic! Can't wait to see next episode! One of the best (if not the best) manga i had ever read. ...
This is a really good manga I enjoy reading it
Nozoki Ana
i kinda weird
Midori No Hibi
This manga really surprised me because I wasn't expecting much from it, after reading it I can say that it is one of the...
Fairy Tail Ice Trail
I can recommend to those who loves fairy tail. Indeed, very good story and good comedy.
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