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Big Order
A most interesting plot, with an interesting main character. I only wish their were...
GE - Good Ending
While it had a promising start, the rest of it quickly became a terrible romance...
Brutal, unnecessary nudity, and a bad ending, but this manga kept me watching right...
Gokujou Drops
It passes time, but it can't hold your attention for very long.
Wake Up Deadman
There has been better stories, but this one is okay.
Planet Ladder
I'll make you ass-hole puke if you don't leave this site.
Fairy Tail
Not too much thinking or guessing is required. No devious plots and clever thinking....
One Piece
At first i was dismayed by this. Why was it so popular? Why is it hailed as the best...
While some plot point are rendered obsolete by the moving plot and some characters...
This manga has many strong points, though the battles tend to drag on. I am a big...
Boy Alice in Wonderland
An okay, if not, unspectacular manga. Why do the admins not shut this troll named...
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Mob Psycho 100
this manga is great. just remember substance over form
Rosario + Vampire
read if you got time
i love the action and drawings
It's absolutely fantastic! Can't wait to see next episode! One of the best (if not the best) manga i had ever read. ...
This is a really good manga I enjoy reading it
Nozoki Ana
i kinda weird
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