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Dragons Rioting
Dragons rioting only has four chapters out, but the storyline is pretty good so far....
Ubel Blatt
Probably out of all of the mana I hav read, this has the best storyline out there....
Dance in the Vampire Bund
Dance in the Vampire Bund is a story full of action and gore with an underlying love...
Tower of God
This has to be one of the best mangas I have ever read, despite my original hesitation...
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i love the action and drawings
It's absolutely fantastic! Can't wait to see next episode! One of the best (if not the best) manga i had ever read. ...
This is a really good manga I enjoy reading it
Nozoki Ana
i kinda weird
Midori No Hibi
This manga really surprised me because I wasn't expecting much from it, after reading it I can say that it is one of the...
Fairy Tail Ice Trail
I can recommend to those who loves fairy tail. Indeed, very good story and good comedy.
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